Space for Polymer Chemistry, Engineering & Management

Embedded in and interacting with an excellent academic environment, JKU offers one of the most comprehensive academic programs worldwide, with flexible options for specialization.

Polymeric Materials or “Plastics”, which include a great variety of thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers as well as polymer-based composite and hybrid materials and whose industrial-economic success story started mid-last century, meanwhile pervade all technologies and aspects of modern life.

As the youngest among the great material technologies, polymer technologies still exhibit a remarkable and special innovation and growth potential, and polymers are expected to become key materials in coping with some of the great challenges of human civilization – that is an energy and material efficient supply of a growing world population with products and services, while simultaneously moving towards a regenerative matter/energy resource base of a “circular & sustainable economy”.

State-of-the-art infrastructure


As the largest research and education institution of the Federal State of Upper Austria, the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz is the innovation centre for science and society. Currently, more than 19.000 students are being schooled in 62 fields of study.

High-level research is being conducted in parallel. An ultra-modern research installation was built for the technical applied science branches. Meanwhile, the JKU Science Park has even become a landmark for Linz. It shows: There are always things happening at JKU – and it pays off to be a part of it.  In particular as technicians are very high in demand and have the best job perspectives.